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Armenian Currency

The national currency of Republic of Armenia is Armenian Dram (AMD). It entered into circulation on November 22, 1993. One dram is equal to 100 luma. Armenia's declaration of independence on September 21, 1991 led to a need for a national currency. 1993. On November 22, the first series of banknotes were put into circulation in Armenia, with 10, 25, 50, 100, 200 and 500 nominal values. 

Armenian DramCurrently in circulation are national banknotes with 1000, 5000, 10000, 20000, 50000 and 100000 nominal values and coins with 10, 20, 50, 100, 200 and 500 nominal values.

Exchange Rate

Banknotes of the Republic of Armenia

Armenian one thousand dramNational banknotes

The portrait of E. Charents,

Ancient Yerevan - the two-storeyed
building and the chaise
Dimensions: 72 x 136 mm
Primary colors: green

Armenian five thousand dramfive thousand amd

The portrait of H. Tumanyan, the nature of Lori, the fragment of the canvas M. Saryan
Dimensions: 72 x 143 mm
Primary colors:
 green, chestnut

Armenian ten thousand dramten thousand amd

The portrait of Av. Isahakyan,

Gyumri town
Dimensions: 72 x 150 mm
Primary colors: violet

Armenian twenty thousand dramtwenty thousand amd

The portrait of M. Saryan, the fragment from the landscape “Armenia” by M. Saryan
Dimensions: 72 x 150 mm
Primary colors: yellow, chestnut, brown

Armenian fifty thousand dramfifty thousand dram
The cathedral of Saint Echmiadzin, Armenian church in the hands of Saint Grigor Lusavorich and the great Trdat king
Dimensions: 79 x 160 mm
Primary colors: 
chestnut, brown

Armenian one hundred thousand dramone hundred thousand amd
King Abgar V, the fragment from the icon Mkrtum Havnatanyan

Dimensions: 72 x 160 mm
Primary colors: blue, chesnut

Coins of the Republic of Armenia

10 dram   
` 1,30 g 
   Diameter` 20,0 mm 
   Edge` ribbed

20 dram

 2,75 g 
   Diameter: 20,5 mm 
   Edge: even

50 dram

 3,5 g 
   Diameter: 21,5 mm 
   Edge: ribbed

100 dram

 4 g 
   Diameter: 22,5 mm 
   Edge: ribbed

200 dram

 4,5 g 
   Diameter: 24 mm 
   Edge: ribbed

500 dram

 5 g 
   Diameter: 22 mm 
   Edge: ribbed