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Yerevan history

History of Yerevan

Yerevan is one of the oldest cities in the world and its history goes back to 782 BC, when the Urartian fortress of Erebuni was built by the Argishti I king’s commandment. It quickly became an important cultural and commercial center, which dreamed to seize many commanders.
It was captured by Arabs in 658, thus, XI century was marked by the power of the Seljuks. In the XIV Tamerlane got there. In 1554 the city was taken by the Ottoman troops which caused the Turkish-Persian war. At the beginning of the XIX century the army of the Russian Empire reached to the walls of the fortress. But currently Armenia is an independent country.
Today Yerevan is the modern city, which retained the features of the unique history. This feature gives the city a unique picturesqueness and originality, making it special and distinctive.